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About Us

We started Zero Waste Cartel back in 2018, as 3 friends who wanted to be able to make a difference in our world. 

We’ve all felt the fulfilment that comes with making a positive change.

We wanted more of that sense of fulfilment. More of that positive change. So we made it our mission to share knowledge and provide product options that help you cut down waste, enrich your home and provide you with that feeling of fulfilment.

Since then, we've sold over 1 million bamboo toothbrushes as well as shampoo bars, plastic-free toothpaste, floss, and lots more.

So far we've planted 70,000 trees in the USA and Australia. We've replaced over 1 million plastic toothbrushes for bamboo ones, and we've helped swap over 500,000 shampoo bottles for bars. 

Now, we want to help dentists and hygienists make the switch too. If you switch your free toothbrush sample to be a bamboo toothbrush, it'll make a huge difference to the amount of plastic used in the world.

So we've tried to make it easy and affordable for you to make the switch to eco-friendly brushes.