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Bamboo Toothbrush FAQs

How long do the brushes last?

With normal use each brush lasts 3-4 months. The same as conventional plastic toothbrushes.

Are your bristles soft?

Yes! Just order one of our samples on this form so you can test this out for yourself.

What are your bristles made of?

Our bristles are made of Nylon 6. We are currently testing multiple bristle variations so we can find a fully biodegradable option but we have not yet found an alternative that produces the same quality in regards to plaque removal and gum damage.

How do my patients dispose of the brushes?

When the brush wears out, your patients can repurpose it or simply pluck out the bristles to recycle (preferably inside another plastic container) and put the handle in the compost.

What colors do the brushes come in?

Our bristles come in brown, beige, pink, purple, blue or green. 

Are they Suitable for sensitive teeth/gums?

Yes! Our unique bristles are thin and stiff enough to provide a thorough cleaning yet soft enough to be perfect for receding or sensitive gums. 

What can I engrave on the handle?

The most popular option is the dental practice's name, logo or contact number. Or a combination of all three. Space on the toothbrush handle is limited so we recommend not trying to add too much. Logos tend to work better when they are horizontal due to the shape of the handle. 

What if I don't like the brushes?

Our samples are free of charge so you can try them with zero risk.

Why do you have a set minimum order?

Setting an order size allows us to streamline our manufacturing process and offer you the best quality product at the best price. 

How long does production take for custom engraved brushes?

Due to the personalization & quality control regarding each order, production takes around 6-8 weeks.

How long does production take for non custom brushes?

Non-custom bamboo brushes are ready to ship from our warehouse in Ohio now. If you choose to order these, you'll receive them within 1 week of ordering.

How is shipping?

We ship from our warehouse in Ohio with UPS or Fedex. This usually takes a few days to reach dentists within the US, although we would appreciate allowing a week.