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Why Go Sustainable?

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You may have noticed a percentage of your patients asking for a more eco-friendly toothbrush. That percentage is likely to increase as the green movement grows rapidly in the U.S.A every year.


By switching to eco friendly brushes, you will:


  • Delight your growing number of eco-friendly patients. If they're happy they're more likely to return.
  • Create word of mouth marketing with your brushes. Sustainable minded patients have sustainable minded friends and family members who discuss sustainability at large "My dentist offered me Eco-Friendly brushes the other day! Really who is it? I wish my dentist offered me eco-friendly brushes.
  • Position your practice as a leader by demonstrating your commitment to a sustainable future.
  • Enjoy beautiful branding with your practice's name engraved on beautiful and effective toothbrushes


Over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded in the US every year. That’s a huge amount of plastic heading to landfill. You can do your bit to reduce this and together we’ll reduce the amount of plastic consumed around the world.

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